INTRODUCTION BY MARK T.C. MULLER (as it appears in the book)

Crash! The sliding glass door is shattered. Here comes hell!

You call 911 and if anyone answers you’ve got time to wait till the cavalry arrives. Much stealing, rape and murder can be done in minutes. If you don’t have a gun you are just another victim; another forgotten statistic. Punks breaking into my place will hear me chambering a round, not calling 911.

Where there is no vision people perish.

Whether it’s the machine-gun preacher Sam Childers in the Sudan or our government with other countries, the first thing we do is arm the weak. Bullies have always run roughshod over the unprotected masses. From Stalin to Hitler to Pol Pot, the only thing that keeps power in check is an armed populace.


Like a modern Chuck Bronson I scan the decaying horizon of America’s cities and see the slow moving, pant draggin’ zombie-esque thugs looking for victims. It alarms me and rocks my ‘common sense’ that we are expected to trek this landscape alone. As we all witnessed after Hurricane Katrina there exists only in America the illusion of a safety net. It is only illusion. When ‘it’ hits the fan you are on your own. There is no cavalry.

Santa Cruz, California is a nuke free zone. That’ll stop the terrorists! Just as much as gun free campuses stop violence. If only a good person had a gun at Columbine or Virginia Tech. If only Bill Clinton hadn’t ordered all soldiers to be armless at Fort Hood.

Two and a half million times a year guns save lives through self-defense. 68,500 times a day! 200,0000 women a year prevent themselves from being raped only because they had a gun. Our own CDC admits that guns reduce crime. (The only gun control I need is a steady hand)

“The Children? What about the children?” Beware of that! It always means we’re about to lose a freedom. Hitler promised a safer Europe with guns being repossessed. “For the children!” Yeah, tell that to Anne Frank.

Fact: Twice as many children are killed playing football in school than are murdered by guns. Bet you didn’t hear that from the lame stream media!

I became an internet sensation and fodder for every TV show when I challenged a CNN anchor. Responding to my belief that America was based on ‘God, guns, and guts’, she asked, ‘what would Jesus do? Would Jesus carry a gun?’ My response left her dumbfounded. “No, ma’am. He was God.” And besides, they didn’t have guns - obviously. But in the chapter of Luke, Jesus commands his followers to carry swords and to protect themselves. The Romans, of course, were not real pleased with their slaves being able to protect themselves. I asked the info babe, “you don’t have a problem with God do you?” Some things never change.

Who is that good-looking man on the cover of this book? No matter. (It’s me).

Between the covers is an awakening of sorts. Photographer and writer Ben Philippi started out snarking and questioning and learned some indisputable truths: Where good people have guns, evil dares not tread. This book is at times whimsical, frightening, and inspiring. Make of it what you will after it goes through your mental and spiritual filters.

As for me? I’m picking God, guns & guts over slavery and bureaucracy.

Mark T.C. Muller